We design and manufacture aluminium RIBs for extreme conditions, including passenger craft, working boats, multi-function support, inshore search & rescue and quick recovery vessels.

Design and Build
Our RIB’s are characterised by their aluminium hull construction with its’ inherent strength and longevity. Indeed, examples are still successfully working after more than a quarter of a century of arduous use. The hull is so strong that repeated groundings present little problem to the operator. This all equates to low ‘downtime’ with high returns after a long lifespan.

Our experience ensures a design which has been highly evolved to provide the utmost safety for passengers without detracting from the supreme pleasure these craft can bring whilst operating in areas where no other craft dare venture.

Attention to detail, whilst looking after the customers every need, has always been our hallmark; made possible by the superb flexibility that aluminium lends to the designer, additions and alterations can be ‘cut and welded’ in place, thereby enabling a truly customised RIB.

We can design and custom-build almost any configuration to suit your needs plus we can build from our standard design stock readily available at your request.