Welsh workboat builders and specialist marine engineers, Mainstay Marine Solutions are on contract and have commenced the build of five river barges for the UK’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Measuring 17m long and weighing in the region of 22t, the vessels will be built consecutively and transported via road to the upper Thames area for use by the Environment Agency. All five vessels are expected to be delivered no later than May next year.

Stewart Graves, Managing Director commented; “We are delighted to have won this contract against tough competition. We have invested a great deal to ensure we uphold rigorous, sustainable business practices throughout our day-to-day operations such as our ISO 14001 accreditation; it is reassuring to know that this is appreciated by organisations like Defra”.

Designed by naval architect firm Keel Marine, the 5 hopper barges are of an all steel construction. With the help of the company’s inhouse design team, Mainstay were able to identify several design improvements for a more efficient production and assembly program.

Graves continued; “Whilst we have strict COVID-19 social distancing measures in place throughout the site, we are confident that the work can be completed to a high standard, timely and foremost…safely”.

After a short yard closure following the UK’s COVID-19 lockdown orders, the company is said to be nearing capacity once more. Having built the main frame for the wave energy demonstration device ‘mWave’, Mainstay is now working with Bombora once again to develop the Power Take-Off Unit (PTO) and will be starting work on final assembly imminently. Launch-out is expected from Mainstay’s slipway early next year.

The company’s marine service division continues to grow as a result of their 160t boat hoist investment back in 2018.  

October 2020

For more information please contact: charlotte.wood@mainstaymarine.co.uk