The Milford Haven Waterway is the largest estuary in Wales and one of the deepest natural harbours in the world. Its sheltered, tidal waters are surrounded by a diverse 200 mile coastline. The whole Haven is included in a European Marine Special Area of Conservation – the highest designation in Europe.


The town of Pembroke Dock was established in 1814 with the start of the Royal Navy Dockyard. Construction started immediately and in February 1816 the first ships were launched.

Over a century of active service, five Royal Yachts and 263 other Royal Naval vessels were constructed here.

Four years after the Dockyard’s closure, the Royal Air Force established a flying boat base in the dockyard. By World War II Pembroke Dock became the world’s largest flying boat station and home base to airmen from many countries.


Today Pembroke is a commercial port and a gateway to the Irish Sea, The Bristol Channel and Atlantic trade routes. 

Mainstay’s 30 year legacy of boat building and ongoing success helps to keeps this niche manufacturing tradition alive in the area. We are now one of the largest employers in the town.